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. ♪ it mobilizes, it tranquilizes, it heals, and transforms. boswell is supposed to have said to dr. johnson, "i'm greatly affected by music. "some music will make me weep. "some music will make me feel so brav "i could march into the thick of a battle and not be scared of anything." johnson says dryly, "if anything could make me act so foolish, i would not have anything to do with it." [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] (man) music has got an incredible power, presence. you know, sound is something that you can't escape when you're in its presence. [chanting and drumming] with music, there's no looking away. [spirited clarinet and guitar playing] that is part of the power of music. when you're near it, there's no escape. it can focus your attention on a particular ceremony for example. it can act as a kind of social glue that helps a ceremony to go on over the course of several days. it keeps people's attention focused. music can be used in a work situation. you can find examples of that in africa where people are working in a field. let's say that they are planting millet o
to be for the idea. that's what changed the whole situation. kennedy and johnson in the campaign of 1960 came out for medicare. kennedy appointed me the assistant secretary of hew to get the bill through congress. i spent five years doing that. finally, in 1965, medicare, an insurance program for those 65 and older, and medicaid a federal/statehealth p, were passed. president lyndon johnson flew to independence, missouri and in the presence of harry s. truman, signed the bills into law. medicaid covered the health care costs of millions of low-income people. we asked henry aaron if that met our sponsibilities to tse who couldn't afford medicacare. this woun't be a problem if all stes providedenefits as generous ashose in say the upper third or upper half of the distribution. sometates provide meager medicaid benefits-- fewer than 10 days a year ofospitalization, severe limits on the number of doctor's visits one can receive-- so that even moderate illnesses may not be fully protected under the medicaid program. in addition, the population that may be served by the medicaid program in many states
. golf, zach johnson forced a playoff in sensational circumstances at the world challenge at sherwood country club, finding water but then holing out from 65 yards. he had rallied from four shots back. the 37-year-old american would and i world number one -- would deny world number one tiger woods at the first hole. woods saw a five-foot putt lip out for bogey after finding the bunker. >> after the amazing shows and theme parks, his latest project is the construction of an enormous ski resort. welcome to the world of kim jong-un. in a country cut off from the rest of the world with a quarter of the population starving, who are these resorts for? an investigation into the diluted -- deluded fantasies of the leader. on "france 24." "on the net." china pays tribute to nelson mandela. russia's challenge anti-gay laws ahead of the sochi olympics. and copies of some ancient bibles and biblical texts now available online. china, along with the rest of the world, as been reacting to the death of nelson mandela -- has been reacting to the death of nelson mandela. president xi jinping remembere
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3